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Presented from the author's personal experiences with cheating, combined with the findings of many in-depth personal and candid conversations with men of various ethnic and social backgrounds, this book examines this age-old social pandemic and identifies fundamental causes of, "Why Men Cheat." 

Dr. Ragland believes, “Man is what he is by the fashioning of his very own hands. Man can choose to be a noble creature governed by a sense of obedience to truth and divine character or man can give way to his lower self, governed by only a sense to satisfy his sexual appetite without thought to his action and become no more than his four-legged friend." 


Meet Dr. Max T. Ragland, Ed.D., LCPC

Dr. Max T. Ragland, Ed.D., is a licensed clinical professional counselor (LCPC) in the state of Maryland and the founder of Men Behind BARS Out-Patient Counseling Services. Surprisingly, while enrolled in the graduate program at Argosy, Dr. Ragland experienced a spiritually inspirational moment that brought him face-to-face with an overwhelming desire to author a book that would critically examine, probe, contradict, reveal, and bear witness to why men struggled with infidelity and adultery. Consequently, after completing his graduate program, Dr. Ragland continued to be moved by the idea of writing a book that would address the age-old question, “Why Do Men Cheat?” After many years of professional and personal commitments, Dr. Ragland has completed this literary journey and is proud to introduce to the world Putting Your Dog to Sleep: Euthanizing the Cheating Desire in Men. 


To learn more about the phenomenal and insightful work, Putting Your Dog to Sleep, please email Dr. Ragland at or contact him via Facebook @ Max Ragland and/or his mobile# at (443) 924-0455.

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