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"Cheating is a learned behavior that can be unlearned."
– Dr. Ragland

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"A man who does not have knowledge of self is a spiritual, emotional, and psychological
danger to himself and the women in his life (i.e., girlfriend, wife, friend, daughter, and mother)."

Book Quotes

"Man can choose to be a noble creature governed by a sense of obedience to truth and
divine character, or man can give way to his lower self, governed by only a sense to
satisfy his sexual appetite without thought to his actions, and act no more human than
his four-legged friend."
“For some men, looking deep within themselves will require an act of unexplored emotional courage.”
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Meet Dr. Max Ragland

Author of "Putting Your Dog To Sleep"

Dr. Max Ragland, EdD, LCPC, is a licensed clinical professional counselor in the state of Maryland with more than 12 years of clinical and practical experiences treating individuals and families experiencing marital dysfunction due to spiritual abandonment and social conditioning. 

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